10 Group Activities Your Friends Who Always Pangseh Will CONFIRM Turn Up For

As we grow up, it’s so difficult to meet up because of conflicting schedules and various commitments. On those days when the stars actually align and everyone is free to meet up, you’ll either go for drinks at your regular bar or lepak at the nearest zi char stall for a meal. Well, here’s a list to up your game for a memorable day out together!

1. Shooting in a group doesn’t always have to be an orgy



Yes, HACK.exe are a group of hackers…for nerf guns! I first saw them at Carouselland 2018 and even tried out some of their guns at the booth. HOLY SHIET it felt AMAZING! Their guns are modified to pack a punch and are definitely more impactful than a regular Nerf. If you are not a Nerf owner/possess a regular nerf but would like to participate, let them know and they can arrange one for you!

Gone are the days where you spent your off-days in lan playing CSGO, because you can capture the flag IRL on their bi-monthly Quikflag matches! If you are interested to join, check out their Facebook/Instagram for any upcoming match!

Check out the rules and regulations here!

Location: Varies
Price: Free!
Facebook: Click here!
Instagram: Click here!

2. Luke, I am your daddy;)



Who says you can’t be Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader when you grow up? Draw your lightsaber and embark on your journey with The Saber Authority to become the GREATEST Jedi (Or if you prefer, Sith)! Channelling the FORCE within you, you’ll learn how to combat, attack and evade. It’s a mixture of martial arts and sword fighting, so you’re not just brandishing a stick aimlessly. Suitable for anyone looking to geek out while you work out, bonus if you are a Star Wars fan!

Click here to choose a side!

Location: Opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT on Wednesdays, National Stadium Sports Hub on Sundays
Price: $25/session, $69 onwards for all access monthly membership pass
Website: Click here!
Facebook: Click here!

3. Escape from zombies like how you escape your problems IRL



We all have those thoughts about how we’ll fare in a zombie apocalypse, especially after a zombie related movie/video game (Train To Busan or Dying Light, anyone?). Well, now you can test your survival skills at Zero Latency, a multi-player virtual arena that’ll send you to an alternate reality! For survivors, stay alive while you defend your base in Zombie Survival, or find the cure in Outbreak Origins as waves of zombies swarm the cities.

Prefer sci-fi? Singularity will transport you into a space station as you battle against robots/killer drones, kinda like Dead Space without the horror. If you prefer something less intimidating, Engineerium will be a better choice as you explore a fantasy world and solve puzzles on your journey.

Escape reality with the following package!

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-346, Suntec City Mall, 038983
Price: From $48/pax (introductory price) per session
Website: Click here!

4. Aye aye captain!


Prawning/Fishing is pretty much a regular weekend activity with friends because you can lepak together and bbq your catch after the session. Up your game by renting a boat to fish out at sea instead! Spend your day around the Southern Islands of Singapore while you party on a yacht (babes not included).

Don’t worry if you are a beginner, a Captain as well as a Fishing Guide will be on board to facilitate the activities. After the trip, you can bring your catch home for a BIG feast!

Chat them up on Facebook for bookings!

Session starts from 8am to 5pm. (10 hours)

Location: Depart from Republic Singapore Yacht Club, fishing takes place at Southern Islands
Price: $103/pax, smaller boats rental at $720 (max 7 pax), bigger boats rental at $900 (max 1o pax) Fishing Gear rental at $50/set
Facebook: Click here!

5. Play with giant balls on a giant suspended net



If you and your friends enjoy balls and getting (six storeys) high, bounce up to Airzone to explore different levels (literally) of fun! Explore different zones as you jump from storey to storey. Navigate your way through the elevated maze, take a swim in a pool of balls (heehee) and throw GIANT balls at your friends as they try to keep their balance!

Location: 180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539
Price: $20/session (1 hour) per person, $70 for four sessions
Website: Click here!
Facebook: Click here!

6. The Great Singapore Bake Off


After every baking session, my kitchen literally looks like a crack house. There are bags of opened chocolate chips and my table is scattered with flour. At Funsiamo, you can make those kawaii pastel macarons you saw online without crying during clean up session! You’ll be provided with an iPad where you can select from their menu on your desired pastry and just follow the instructions. Pair up with your khakis and bake the BEST tasting cake you’ve ever made with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!

Entice your sweet tooth with their menu!

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #02-458 Suntec City Mall, 038983
Price: From $55/session onwards, depending on pastry
Website: Click here!

7. +1 life everytime you take a shot


If you always chiong arcade after class during secondary school, you’ll LOVE Level Up. What’s better than a night of BISHI BASHI, Marvel VS Capcom and basketball machines? DRUNK ARCADE SESSION OF COURSE! We all know how annoying it is that the standard arcade doesn’t allow any food or drinks, but Level Up offers a range of dishes to keep you at max level throughout the night!

Location: 3A River Valley Road #02-04, 179020
Price: Click here for the menu!
Website: Click here!
Facebook: Click here!

8. Pua stun without offending anyone



Back when I was younger, I used to play Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX on Dreamcast because I was so fascinated with trick bikes but I don’t have the balls to play IRL. Quantum Pumptracks provides a modular pumptrack to get your heart PUMPING with different level of obstacles!

They provide wheels for your sessions, but you can bring your own BMX, skates, scooters or skateboards as well and pua stun till your heart’s content! They welcome all ages, wheels and abilities so don’t be afraid even if you’re an amateur!

*Reservations not required, but to avoid disappointment, drop Peter a call at 9027 9248 or book sessions through Fave!

Location: 100 Turf Club Rd, 287992
Price: $25/hr for pumptrack (Check Fave for ongoing promotions!)
Facebook: Click here!

9. Kart-NI NA race la lai



If you enjoy revving without the annoyingly loud engine, The Karting Arena is for you! For n00bs, you can start with the 30km/h karts, which is fast enough for you to enjoy while picking up the basics. However, if you prefer to go FAST and possess a driver license, you are permitted to go for the 50km/h karts! Each session last 8 minutes which is equivalent to 7-12 laps around the track, although it’s a little pricey considering the duration, it’ll make your (once in a blue moon) outing extremely memorable!

Location: 200 Turf Club Rd, #01-01B The Grandstand, 287994
Price: $28 (non-peak) and $32 (peak) for members, $38 (non-peak) and $45 (peak) for non-members,
Website: Click here!
Facebook: Click here!

10. Ola Amigo!


Take a mini day vacation to Singapore’s Hawaii at Ola Beach Club! Relaxing on beach chairs sipping on drinks served in tikki cups, it’s DA WAE (rip meme) of life we’ve been missing out amidst our busy work/school life. After a refreshing meal at the bistro, head down to the waters and fuel up your adrenaline with a Jetpack session! If you prefer activities for the whole group, go for the Donut which includes getting pulled behind a speedboat or cruise through the waters on a Banana Boat!

Click on the respective activities to book your slot!

Location: 46 Siloso Beach Walk, 099005
Price: Have a taste of Hawaii here!
Website: Click here!

The next time your friends jio you out for drinking, show them this article and say “BRUH I GOT A BETTER IDEA!” Of course, what matters ultimately is good company, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the activities! FASTER GO BOOK YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE BEST DAY OUT TOGETHER!

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