There’s A Snake In My Boot! 11 Exotic Animal Cafés In Asia That Will Fulfil Your Furry Fantasies

Dogs and cats café are pretty much the norm in SG and Malaysia. But what if I tell you that there are cafés that you can dine IN a fish tank or have snakes slithering on your back while you sip on your coffee? Here are 11 EXOTIC animal cafés across Asia that you can cuddle with a hedgehog or walk a goat in the city!

1. The Animal Café (Bangkok)


The Animal Café is literally a mini zoo that house the trash panda (raccoon), fennec foxes and even Axolotl (The weird reddish fish with legs) in their tanks among many other animals. They don’t have an admission fee, but you’ll have to buy a main and a drink per person to play with the animals. Considering it’s a café filled with so many variety of exotic animals, it’s pretty worth as compared to a zoo am I right?

Address: Sathupradit 19 Sathupradit Rd. Yannawa Bangkok, Thailand 10120
Website: Click here!

2. Rabitto Café (Bangkok)


You’ll definitely enjoy yourself in Rabbito Café as their rabbits are always hopping freely (look where you step though) and the food is really kawaii with their bunny shaped dishes/drinks too!! The bunnies are probably thinking “Do you think it’s a fucking joke Karen” when they see a replica of themselves on the food but don’t worry! If you order their food/drinks, you’ll be given a pack of rabbit food for free as peace offerings. The admission is priced at THB 100 (SGD$4.09) which is really worth, after all, who can resist those smol lil fluff floofs?!

Address: Soi Sukhumvit 101/1, Sukhumvit RdBangkok 10260, Thailand
Website: Click here!

3. Amix Coffee (Ho Chi Minh City)


Nothing fishy here, just a café filled with carps underwater. You probably have seen videos of this floating on Facebook and thought it’s photoshopped, because I did too. To my surprise, it’s a LEGITIMATE café in Vietnam! There’s no admission fee, and it’s open 24/7! But of course, order at least a drink, don’t be a cheapo. Please don’t swim, keep your feet clean and don’t eat the fishes!

Address: 228 Phạm Văn Hai, Phường 5, Quận Tân Bình, 700000 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Website: Click here!

4. Oia Art Café (Taipei)


If you think I’m a llama, Alpac-U. For those fluent in mandarin (or profanities), you’ll think of 草泥马 (cao ni ma) as an offensive word which translates to ‘fuck your mother’. But there’ll be NO fucking mothers today, because in Oia Art Café, there are fluffy alpacas to cuddle with. Do note they will CHEW on anything they can get their mouths on, so please be aware of your belongings and maybe hair!

Address: 252, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Sanzhi District, No.12-1 Beizhizi, Houcuo RoadXinbei 
Website: Source

5. Tokyo Snake Centre (Tokyo)


Why is the noodle moving in my bowl? That’s because in Tokyo Snake Centre, you’re allowed to cuddle with a danger noodle. No, you don’t have to be a Slytherin to enter! All you have to pay is ¥1,000 (SGD$12.24) which includes one drink and if you wanna dine with the snakes, just top up an additional charge of ¥540 (SGD$6.61). You’ll get to pick your snake that are kept in cases at the entrance and proceed to your table for some sssslithering fun!

Address: Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 6-5-6, Sanbo Sogo Bldg 8F
Website: Click here!

6. Blind Alley (Seoul)



You’re probably brainwashed by memes of trash pandas and envision them to be rummaging rubbish. But no, in Blind Alley, these raccoons are really good bois with their individual backstories of adoption and rescue. Cookie the Corgi, who is also a really good boi, will greet you at the entrance where you can either order food from the menu and interact with the raccoons for free or pay 6,000 won (SGD$7.26). Upon entering the raccoon’s lair you’ll be given a feed and those trash pandas will come running to you!

Address: 76, Cheongpa-ro 47-gil, Yongsan-guSeoul 04310, South Korea

7. Harry Hedgehog Café (Tokyo)


I died when I saw the spikey nugget decorated with a flower. MY HEART. No it’s not a cake, it’s a smol, cuddly hedgehog the size of a palm, awww! Although it’s a little pricey (Weekdays – ¥1,000 = SGD$12.24 & Weekends -¥1,300) for a pretty short time limit of 30 minutes per session, it’s pretty understandable considering it’s popularity and the amount of care it needs. If those snuggly poop is awake, you can purchase a bag of mealworms for ¥510 (SGD$6.24) an watch them gobble up the treats!

Address: 1-13-21 Jingumae, 4fJingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture
Website: Click here!

8. Kitanozaka Kawauso Café (Kobe)


Hello from the OTTER side! These adorable sea cakesnake will definitely steal a piece of your heart along with the ferrets and birbs. Entrance fee is ¥1,000 (SGD$12.24)/hr on weekdays inclusive of one drink, and an additional ¥500 ($6.12) if you want to interact with the Oriental Small-clawed Otters and other animals. It’s definitely worth because where can you find a café that lets you cuddle with otters?!

Address: 1-24-13 Nakayamatedori, Chuo-ku, 3F Hirasawa Bldg.Kobe 650-0004, Hyogo Prefecture
Website: Click here!

9. Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse (Kanagawa)


Yer a lizard, Harry, YER A LIZARD. They have an array of reptiles including a Brazillian Rainbow Boa, Guiana Caiman Lizard, and Mr. Futoago the lizard who will sometimes ride on the tortoise’s back. There’s no admission fee but don’t be a douchebag, get a cup of chinese tea and stroke dem scaly lizards. If you stay long enough, you might witness how reptiles mate for…scientific purposes. #nothentai

Address: 8-133 Chojamachi Naka-Ku, Tomimori Shoji 2FYokohama 231-0033, Kanagawa Prefecture
Click here!

10. Akiba Fukurou (Tokyo)


Owl you doin’? We are *Owl City* and welcome to Akiba Fukuyou! The admission fee is slightly costly at ¥2,000 (SGD$24.45) per entry, but who gives a HOOT when it feels like you’re in Hogwart’s Owlery without the poop and feathers? You have to make a reservation though as they only allow small groups per session, so make sure to reserve on their website before you go to avoid disappointment!

Address: 67 Kanda Neribeicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0022, Japan
Website: Click here!

11. Sakuragaoka Goat Café (Tokyo)


A goat? In the city? ON THE STREETS?! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, you can actually walk Sakura or Chocolat of Sakuragaoka Goat Café on Mondays and Wednesdays! Of course, you have to make a reservation with them beforehand. If you just want to spend the afternoon sipping coffee, just grab the seat next to the goats and ask the counter for some hay to feed them. This café close at 4am because FUN FACT: Goats sleep an average of 5.3 hours per day, so don’t worry about disturbing their beauty sleep.

Address: 23-3 SakuragaokachoShibuya, Tokyo Prefecture
Website: Click here!

Go stroke a danger noodle (non-sexually) and tickle an otter! Of course, please follow the instructions carefully for MAXIMUM PROTECTION. Animals can sense if you are an asshole (scientically proven) so be gentle and don’t frighten them! Think of the admission fee as a contribution to keep the animals well fed and don’t be unreasonable. We’re not responsible if you get bitten. (Just saying)

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Featured Image Source

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