Shit On Me Please? 15 Singapore Craiglist To Fulfil Your Dirtiest Fantasies & Sell Your Liver

You’ll think Singapore’s Craiglist is pretty dead since everyone sells and buys from Carousell. But what if you’re looking for someone to share a scat fetish or need a pubic hair grooming? Don’t worry, Craiglist SG is the master of all dodgy shit. BRB gonna wash my eyes now. I’m not paid enough to do this, maybe one day you’ll see me on Craiglist selling my liver too.

1. Scat Piss Fetish

You dirty, dirty shit eating bastard.

2. Shemale Top

Yeah guys, stop cheating him of his videos. Where’s your morals?!

3. Step On My Hands

A very HANDS-on BDSM experience, a STEP towards greater pleasure.

4. MILF Massage

MILFs only, anyone younger is too inexperienced to massage my royal breadstick.

5. Pleasure for BOTH You & Your Partner!

Need a manicure but your partner is horny? Why not do both? I can gib a gud tyme sir n mdm xx

6. Free to Watch


Unlike ST, you don’t have to pay for premium content.

7. David Neo

Where is David Neo?
Who is David Neo?
Why is David Neo????

8. Cam Girl

Senpai pls?? Yamete you can put two fingers up my ass desu~

9. A Tale of Two Butt Gape Lovers

Nothing unusual, just a guy looking to discuss about expanding each other’s assholes.

10. Drugs???


Eat drugs, get healthy skin. MUUUUMMM!! Why did you lie, drugs ARE good for me!!


Anyone lost any alcohol recently? Good thing there’s this good samaritan who found your lost treasure. Donate to me I need to drink to forget I’ve ever written this godforsaken article.

12. Bikini Babe Cleaning Services


Sir, can I vacuum your asshole please?

13. Pubic Hair Grooming


“Retain your manhood’s crowning glory”. Imagine having sex and your partner goes “Omg is this the signature Johnny Sins’s pubes!!!” Do they provide braiding as well?

14. Get Your Extra Kidney Today!


After all, humans have two kidneys right? While you’re at it, might as well throw in one testicle!

15. Flex for Jack

Flex off while they jerk off.


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