53 SIBEI Fun Activities In Singapore You DIEDIE Must Jio Your Friends

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Are you tired of the same monotonous routine every weekend? You’ll probably head out to catch the biggest blockbuster or do some shopping at Orchard unless there’s a well-known event (e.g. Carouselland) in town.

Don’t be sian, ELOELL is here to make your weekends interesting with 53 UNCONVENTIONAL activities where you can explore, ride and play!

1. Play real life Mario Kart at Maximum Drift!Source

Fast and FURIOOOOUS!! DRIFT! DRIFT! It may not look like those fancy F1 karts you are expecting, but it FEELS like one. Feel the exhilarating speed at Maximum Drift when you challenge your friends to real life Mario Kart! (No throwing turtle shells!!) Don’t worry, it’s not located in some secluded area! It’s actually within Orto, where there are plenty of activities like prawning, trampoline park and paintball. Highly recommended for big groups!

You can check out the rates here!

Address: 81 Lorong Chencharu, Yishun, #01-15, 769198
Website: Click here!
Price: From $18/session (Non-peak)

2. Fast & Furious: Singapore Edition @ KF1

Yes, living the F1 dream, right here in Singapore! Choose from the Novice karts which can go up to 30km/hr, or if you like to live fast on the road, go for the Advanced karts which can go up to 50km/hr (only for those with driving license) at KF1! They have recently opened a new circuit at Arena Country Club, so if you’re planning to host a birthday party, why not book a room and include fun karting for the BEST birthday ever?

You can check out the rates here!

Address: 1 Turf Club Avenue, 738078 (KF1 Kranji) // 511 Upper Jurong Rd, Singapore 638366 (KF1 Arena)
Website: Click here!
Price: Novice – $28/$33(non-peak), $35 (peak), Advanced – $22/$35 (non-peak), $45(peak) per session (10 minutes)

3. Take a leap of faith at AJ Hackett!Source

AJ Hackett have been established since 1988, branching out globally in countries like Australia, China, Russia and so on, while maintaining a clean record of zero-accidents! It may sound odd, but rest assured you are jumping off a tower in safe hands. If your bladder isn’t threatening to explode out of fear, add to the insanity by doing a backflip or choose from their menu of 10 different jump styles!

Address: 30 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island, Singapore, 099011
Website: Click here!
Price: $199 (Promotion running at $159!)

Check out August promo here!

4. Bumper Cars & Bowling @ arcade?!


No way, they have bumper cars at Timezone?! Yes, as Singapore’s largest arcade, apart from classics like Time Crisis and Maximum Midnight Tune, they have indoor bumper cars and bowling alleys! Timezone really upping their game right there, no pun intended.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, 02-43 VivoCity, 098585
Website: Click here

5. Counter-Strike IRL @ Tampines Hub HomeTeam NS

Who says video games are useless? You can finally utilise your Counter-Strike skills IRL at Laser Quest! If you have a group of 20 people, you can split into four groups and compete against one another! The arena is equipped with special lightings and fog effects, so you’ll really feel like you are on a tactical mission. Feeling hungry? Head down to the hawker-styled Kopitiam where some stalls are opened 24/7 serving $2.80 dishes, so you can chill for supper after your mission!

You can check out the rates here!

Address: HomeTeamNS Tampines, 1 Tampines Walk #03-03 Our Tampines Hub, Singapore 528523
Website: Click here!
Price: From $10/hr (HometeamNS Member)

6. Skim the waters better than Jesus Source

Who says only Jesus can walk on water? We can ski on water too, which is TOTS cooler! Considering Singapore’s beaches aren’t as huge as others, cable skiing is probably something you’ve never expect you can do without travelling overseas. Singapore Wake Park is running discounts for students, airline crews and public servants, and currently, there’s a 1-for-1 cable-ski pass promotion for ladies on Thursdays! For gym junkies, True Fitness members are entitled to 20% off all ride passes, so head down to East Coast Park and do the #jesuschallenge!

Address: 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Website: Click here!
Price: From $32/hr (System A, Beginner)

7. Be the protagonist/antagonist of your own story!

What makes Void Deck Games so unique is how they incorporate storytelling, costumes and freedom of creativity to create a unique experience for players. Every story is distinctive in their own way and interpreted in the way you want it. Basically, they’ll set a scenario, which could range from zombie apocalypse to battle royale, and you get to create your own story through roleplaying! It’s literally playing TellTale/DONTNOD series irl, immersive and personal in every story.

Click here to check out their current projects!

Address: Shhh, it’s a secret (Varies according to event)
Website: Click here!

8. If you like deep, dark holes…

Look away if you are claustrophobic! But if you’re not and you’re looking to venture down some dark, tight hole (non-sexually), how about navigating through an artificial cave at Challenge Cubes? For the challenge, you’ll be ‘feeling’ your way through darkness with only your senses through a series of obstacles. Bring your friends along and attempt the challenge together, it’s a good gauge of whether your friends will pangseh you in dangerous situations.

You can check out the rates here!

Address: 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
Website: Click here!
Price: From $20/session (HomeTeamNS member)

9. Let the wind take you where your heart desires

Windsurfing is probably something you’ve never thought to do as an activity in Singapore. Basically, you’ll be surfing as you navigate through the waters with the help of the wind. Of course, before you get SURFED away by the WIND, you’ll have to take a basic course so you can sail safely! The more people participate in the lessons, the cheaper it is collectively, so get sailing with your fellow pirates!

You can check out the rates here!

Address: 11 Changi Coast Walk, Singapore 499740
Website: Click here!
Price: $20/session for beginners (Off-peak) + $45/lesson for one pax

10. Clubbing nights at Orchid Bowl?!

You can now bowl and be EXTRA AF at Orchid Bowl during Weekday Cosmic! With disco lights and a great sound system, it’ll feel like you’re bowling in a night club. You can even make song requests to get your jam on! Now during family gatherings, you can still spend time with your families while you eh wah eh wah. 

You can check out the rates here!

Address: Selected Orchid Bowl outlets
Website: Click here!
Unlimited bowling per lane from $32/hour

11. Cheer on your favourite horse!

For non-gamblers, do you know you can watch horse racing in Singapore? Yes, we have a race course at Turf Club and you get to spectate real life horse riding action. They hold the races on selected fridays, sundays and public holidays so make sure to check out their schedules for upcoming races! No, we’re not encouraging you to bet, don’t end up like Andy’s father! Please bet responsibly and don’t kapok people’s savings!

You can check out the rates here!

Address: Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078
Website: Click here!
Price: $6 (Ez-Link/Cashcard), $8 (Cash)

12. Peranakan museum, kopi and…cats? 

When we think of cultural walks, we’ll probably think along the lines of Chinatown, Little India or Arab Street. However, within the vibrant colored shophouses of Katong lies more underrated gems of culture. Within the unassuming neighbourhood, you can learn gain an insight of the Peranakan culture at the Katong Antique House, grab a local breakfast of kaya toast and kopi at Chin Mee Chin Confectionary, or enjoy local inspired desserts at Sinpopo. Round the corner lies Cat Socrates where they sell quirky local nick-knacks and a cat that’s mostly sleeping by the glass panel.

13. Rediscover on electric wheels!


You can live the life of a tourist x ah beng for a day by renting an e-scooter at goScoot! They have an outlet at Clarke Quay and Esplanade, so you can rent from either location and take a ride around the city district! It’s a good mode of transport around town because you can get from places to places without sweating and still enjoy the view, especially at night.

Website: Click here!
Price: $25/hr (e-scooter rental), $2/hr (helmet, optional)

14. Take boat ride to nearby islands

There are many islands around Singapore apart from Pulau Ubin with rich ecosystem and biodiversity. Take Sister’s Islands Marine Park for example, during low tides, visitors can wade through the waters and observe marine wildlife like sea stars, marine snails and crabs. You can either opt for a guided walk through NParks or explore on your own with a DIY trial e-guide. If you’re looking for a heritage journey, head down to Kusu Island where hundreds of tortoises call home and devotees flock to make prayers at Da Bo Gong temple.

You can check the ferry schedule here!

Website: Click here!
Price: $18 for two way trips/adult

15. Picnic in the city!

Yes, you can picnic on the rooftop of Esplanade with a view of Singapore’s city skyline! Lay your picnic mat on the lawn with sandwich and wine and you’ll have a romantic date without compromising on your pocket. And no, you can’t hanky panky with bae, have some decency please (unless you’re looking to become the next STOMP couple).

Address: 1 Esplanade Dr, Singapore 038981

16. One Kind House, one kind of experience


Before you all go on a tirade of how AirBnB is illegal, rest assured that One Kind House is not bed and breakfast but instead, they host cooking classes and yes, they are perfectly legal! Mummy Soh will be imparting her family recipes using spices and herbs while her grandson Dylan Soh will guide you around the garden as you pick your own ingredients The whole experience will not be as fulfilling without the warmth of the family, and they’ll definitely leave you with a happy stomach and a full heart.

Address: 136B Lor J Telok Kurau, Singapore 425966
Website: Click here!
Price: From $80/person

17. How are lotis & kopis made?

Have you wondered how loti (traditional bread) is made from scratch? How about kopi roasting? Tribe Tours offer day tours into these factories where you get to observe the traditional way of baking breads and roasting coffees which we often take for granted as we bite into our Ya Kun toast. Apart from factory tours on disappearing trades, they conduct other types of tours/workshops as well, so whether you’re local or a tourist, you’ll be embarking on a journey to see a different side of Singapore in the most authentic way.

Website: Click here!
Price: From $60/person for Kopi & Loti Factory Tour

18. 1 ball, 10 men


Still hung up over World Cup? Unleash your inner Ronaldo on the field when you gather your friends for a game of futsal at Ubersports! According to Confucius, to be good at soccer you must first become the ball, so pull a Neymar and get your game on!

Address: Various outlets, Click here for locations
Price: From $50/hour per court (Off-peak)

19. Row, row, row your kayak!

Yes, you’ve probably seen this on our Couple Activities Under $10 article, but I would like to recommend it again because kayaking is something that not many Singaporeans will include in their activities. Apart from kayak boats, they have paddle boats which are literally bicycles on water. Take in the scenery of our city skyline while you row, row, row (or pedal) your boat gently round Kallang Basin.

You can check out the rates here!

Address: Water Sports Centre 8 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397699
Website: Click here!
Price: From $8/hr per boat

20. Scale for greater heights

If you’re not too tired after kayaking, you can head into Kallang Wave Mall and scale the tallest indoor rock climbing wall in Singapore! Don’t worry if you’re not much of a climber, Climb Central provides different challenges of different levels for climbers. Bring your friends along for a competitive race to the top (safely of course)!

You can check out the rates here!

Address: #B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place, 397628
Website: Click here!
Price: Day Pass from $18 for youths

21. Private gym sessions! (without the beng looking you up and down)

Gym Pod is a relatively new concept which allows more private gym sessions alone or with friends. You know, sometimes you’ll get intimidated by the bulky muscular guy that ALWAYS hog the bench machine. There are currently a few pods around Singapore, but if you would like to have a Gym Pod near your house, you can request for one here!

Address: Make an appointment here!
Website: Click here!
Price: $7/hr, first-timers get your free workout by clicking ‘Book Now’ on the website!

22. Train yourself to be the next Ninja Warrior!

Remember the days where we would climb high and low at our neighbourhood playgrounds until we hit the age limit? Don’t worry, you can relive the energetic child within you at BOUNCEinc! Apart from the Trampoline Zone, there’s X-Park which features a series of obstacles mimicking Ninja Warrior and Leap Of Faith, where you literally take a leap of faith from high grounds to trapeze/grab bag.

You can check out the rates here!

Address: Cathay Cineleisure, #09-01, 8 Grange Road, 239695
Website: Click here!
Price: $26 for first hour, $20 for subsequent hours

23. Get wet with ActivSG!

Honestly, public swimming pools are underrated. Unless you’re a child who is taking swimming lessons, family outings or looking to shed a bit of weight, it’s highly unlikely you’ll head to the pool as an activity. I have a love/hate relationship with Sengkang Swimming Complex because of the indoor pool and the one time I took the tunnelled slide and drank a lot of water. Regardless, with the $100 ActivSG credits, you can head over to your neighbourhood pool for a swim when you’re bored and cashless.

Alternatively, you can go to Wild Wild Wet for more exhilarating water play!

Address: Various locations, click here for pools nearest to you!
Website: Click here!

24. Namaste into the sunset

Namaste. As the sun sets from the sky, you exhale as you stretch into a downward dog. Enjoy sunset yoga on the roof of myVillage Serangoon with Instructor Aileen as she guides you through an evening of recuperation for the mind, body, soul. It’s a good place to start if you’re a beginner as Aileen offer different levels for her classes. Make sure to bring your own mat!

Address: 1 Maju Ave, 556679
Website: Click here!
Price: First time trial at $12/person, Single drop in at $18/person

25. Shake that booty like you mean it

Not sure if dancing is suitable for you? Don’t worry, because various dance companies provide trials for you to try your first step! Ladies, if you’ve ever been curious or would like to explore the sexy side of yourself, try pole dancing at The Brass Barre! Don’t be shy, based on my personal experience as a girl who have low self-esteem and weigh on the chubbier side, it’ll give you a great confidence boost as it did for me! Alternatively, there are trial classes for Salsa at Dance En Motion and Adult Ballet classes at Singapore Dance Theatre.

26. Learn an essential life skill in case of a zombie apocalypse

No, you won’t be leaping from building to building or risk getting caught by the police for trespassing. Instead, you can learn Parkour in a safe and conducive environment at Free Runner Lodge! There’ll be certified instructors to guide you as you attempt to leap, roll and climb. Trust me, if you start panting heavily from climbing up the stairs (like me), you’ll be sweating buckets after conquering every obstacle. Also, good preparation in case of zombie apocalypse, thanks Dying Light!

You can check the rates here!

Address: CT Hub 2 #10-72, 114 Lavender St, 338729
Website: Click here!
Price: From $20/session for trial or drop-in

27. Feel like a boxing champion when you spar in The Ring

Channel the Muhammad Ali in you when you grace the boxing ring! I kid, it’ll probably take awhile before you can really spar with an opponent if you’re a beginner. However, if you do want to step into the ring, you’ll have to wear a protective head gear. Sparring on the ground and in the ring will feel immensely different because you’ll get to do the “douchebag walk of victory” like how we always see in WWE (don’t try this at home!).

Address: #01-01 S239359, 58 Kim Yam Rd, 239359
Click here!
Price: You can book a free trial here!

28. Train for the next SPOP anytime you have the urge

These portable ktv booths are available in various malls when you have the sudden urge to sing (or scream) 我们不一样! You can either pay per song or for a certain time limit, and furthermore you get to record your session which might come in handy when the next round of SPOP calls for audition.

29. Late night snack runs


Everyone knows Don Don Donki for their laboriously long lines for sweet potatoes and obnoxiously repetitive music, but hey, they pride themselves as ‘Japan Discount King’ so who’s really complaining? If you can’t sleep at 3am or you’re having a staycation around town, Don Don Donki is perfect for 3am snack runs!

If you’re looking for a more local shopping experience, Mustafa is also opened 24/7 for your midnight shopping impulse.

Address: Various outlets, click here for location
Website: Click here!

30. Pikachu, I CATCH YOU!

You may say most claw machines have been rigged so you’ll have to spend more to catch the prize, but I’ve seen people carrying huge bags filled with soft toys that they’ve won. Maybe it’s time to refine our ~skillz~* instead of blaming the machine! Apart from claw machines, they have arcade games like Arcade BasketBall Machine and carnival games (like the coin throwing one) so you don’t have to spend all your tokens on that one Pikachu who refuse to be caught.

Address: 201 Victoria St, 03-25 to 26, Singapore 188067 (Bugis+)
Website: Click here!

31. Get curious, get naughty!


“Eee, why you recommend sex shops?!” Stop shaming me, you’re probably into kinkier stuff based on your browser history. Honestly there’s nothing shameful about entering a sex shop, if it makes you feel better, take it that you’re doing it for..research. You DEFINITELY have to step into one AT LEAST once, because what you imagine it to be is pretty different from reality. And the heart pumping feeling where you feel like you’re doing something wrong? You’ll feel judgemental eyes following the back of your head, but hey, it’s perfectly normal to be curious and UP your bedroom games.

32. Most underappreciated art in SG


Honestly, Singapore’s local theatre scene is seriously underrated. With the likes of W!LD RICEPANGDEMONiUM, Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) and many other theatre companies, there are plenty of genres to choose ranging from comedy to thought-provoking. For example, if you’re looking for something light hearted, Dream Academy produce plays of comedy that will fill your evening with laughter. Whereas if you’re looking for a play that tugs at your heartstrings, PANGDEMONiUM does it best with their productions.

You can book your tickets on their respective websites!

33. Yaaaaas Queeen!


In Britain, they have Queen Elizabeth, but in Singapore, we have Kumar, our number 1 Drag Queen! Spend the evening with Kumar as he touch on taboo jokes and hitting slightly too close to home on social/political issues at Canvas, of course, if you can handle the sass and you’re not a SJW.

Address: 20 Upp Circular Rd, The Riverwalk #B1-01/06 058416
Website: Click here!
Price: From $26.88/show

34. Level up with a new skill

Libraries are no longer just a space where you browse and borrow books, there are various workshops sessions on Calligraphy, making your own Tenugui Hat and even constructing concrete lamps! You can follow them on Facebook to check for the workshops available. Just bring along your creativity and level up with a new skill!

Address: 277 Orchard Rd, #03-12 / #04-11 Orchard Gateway, 238858
Website: Click here!

35. Love thy doggos as thyself

YES! Rescue those good bois (and girls) by giving them a second chance in life! I’m not gonna get preachy about animal cruelty or guilt trip you to donate to the cause. You’ve probably heard/seen a lot of those on Facebook. Instead, I’ll recommend volunteering, which I feel it helps the strays on a more personal level. Many pets are abandoned because the owners couldn’t ‘handle the mess’ or they have lost interest, so if you’ve been attracted by the abundance of cat/doggo videos and would like to have one, volunteering is a good gauge of whether you can cope with keeping pets (Adopt, don’t buy!).

SOSD focuses on street dogs, but if you prefer more diversity, Animal Lovers League and Cause for Animals includes both cats and dogs as well. ACRES on the other hand, is a wildlife rescue organisation that takes care of animals including snakes, lizards, birds and bats. They are currently not offering any volunteering sessions but check their Facebook page for events or enquire if you’re interested!

36. Feed the poor, feed your heart


I disagree with the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” (Sorry Lao Tzu). Without delving into meritocracy, poverty is sadly an extremely real issue in Singapore. It’s easy to turn a blind eye away from the poor because we would often prefer for them to ‘stay hidden’ and cite their condition as a benchmark of how we shouldn’t live.

To tackle the roots of poverty, we can first fulfil the basic needs of every living being: Food. Willing Hearts is a non-profit organisation that operates a soup kitchen which feeds thousands of people, 365 days a year, including elderly, the disabled, poverty stricken families, and even migrant workers.

To volunteer, you can register here!

Address: 11 Jalan Ubi Blk 6, #01-51 Kembangan – Chai Chee Community Hub, 409074
Website: Click here!

37. Not food for vampires, but a second chance for those who need it

You know those bright colored printed bandages you sometimes see wrapped on forearms? They are actually the ‘Band of Badass’ heroes earned for donating their blood. The first time I went to donate blood, I felt brave until I saw the needle and well, I burst into tears. Although it was intimidating at first, I felt that I’ve done something important that will save someone else’s life. Who knew it took one long needle (& a lot of tears) to grow a little wiser?

Apart from mobile bloodbanks, they have clinics where you can drop by anytime. Fill in the form, get a short checkup and you can proceed. There’s even one at Dhoby Xchange, so if you’re in the vicinity, why not contribute along with friends/bae? (I actually did it on a date) Remember to take a lot of Iron after every session!

Address: Various locations, check it out here!
Website: Click here!

38. Biggest fish farm in SG!


You may think fishes are boring, but wait till you explore Qian Hu Fish Farm! It’s like a comprehensive aquarium with hundreds of species to discover. You can take a guided tour and choose from their package that caters to your preference. For example, you can choose Package A which includes a tour, longkang fishing and a souvenir! If not, there are plenty of activities you can do if you choose to explore free & easy instead.

Have your feet tickled at the Fish Spa ($10/30minutes), Learn to build your own aquatic minitank ($15), or try out Long Kang Fishing ($6/30 minutes), you can bring home your catch after that!

If you’re worried about transport, they have free shuttle bus services to and fro Choa Chu Kang Interchange (Berth 5) & Qian Hu Fish Farm everyday!

Address: 71 Jalan Lekar, 698950
Website: Click here!

39. Travel back to prehistorical days

Meet the new boy band Dino-Mite featuring Prince, Apollonia and Twinky at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum! I kid, they are not going to drop some SICK prehistorical tunes, but they’ll marvel you with their BONETASTIC structures and facts.

Apart from dinosaurs, they have different exhibitions ranging from the plants, marine life and mammals! It is not just a viewing gallery where you walk through tens and hundreds of displays. You can actually TOUCH a dinosaur bone IRL. BTW do you know that Narwhals ARE REAL?! I’ve always thought that they are mythical creatures like Unicorns, I didn’t believe it until I saw a Narwhal ‘horn’ at the exhibition! See, biology & history aren’t as boring as what you study in textbooks!

You can book the admission tickets here!

Address: 2 Conservatory Dr, 117377
Website: Click here!
Price: $16/person (Singaporean/PR)

40. Tortoises in need!


We all know and love The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum which have housed over 500 tortoises/turtles for 16 years at Chinese Garden. However, they are in crisis again because they’ll be moving to Sungei Tengah and it requires a lot of funds and planning to set up a comfortable home for the tortoises/turtles. According to their Facebook Page, people are still ‘negotiating’ for a lower price although the admission fee is reasonably priced at $5 per entry (for adults). Considering the need for funds, please do not bargain! Even without the financial crisis, we strongly discourage bargaining because, wtf bruh, it’s $5 per person, yes we’re shaming you!

If you wanna go the extra mile, you can help to volunteer and keep the museum running!

Address: 1 Chinese Garden Road, 619795 Singapore
Website: Click here!
Price: $5 for admission fee, $1 per feed

41. Catch JUMBO prawn, get JUMBO satisfaction!

I never thought I’ll enjoy prawning until one of my friends brought me to Hai Bin, it turned out to be extremely therapeutic and rewarding whenever I caught something! Seriously, I recommend it. If you catch a JUMBO prawn, you’ll be given a reward! Apart from prawns, you can catch yabby (mini crayfish) in one of the ponds. After your session, you’ll be given salt and sticks to barbecue at the designated pits, but do note you’re not allowed to bring any other seasonings to flavor your catch!

Pst! If you frequent Hai Bin, you can purchase the 10 hour session for $100! It may seem a lot but as compared to paying $20/hr, you’ll be paying $10/hr and the rod can be shared among your friends!

You can check out the rates here!

Website: Click here!
Price: From $20/hr (The more hours you purchase the cheaper it gets)

42. Your parents went longkang fishing before it was cool


Your parents have probably mentioned a thousand times about those ‘old days’ where they’ll head to the canals/longkang/streams and catch little guppies. I know I’ve included a few fishing/prawning places in this article, but to have the authentic longkang fishing, Ang Mo Kio-Bishan Park is the spot! Grab a small net, a mini tank and wade through the stream!*

If you don’t wanna get wet, you can dabao McDonald’s and just sit by the stream for a nice little picnic on a late afternoon. Remember to pick up your rubbish before you leave!

*I’ll highly recommend you release them after capture because they belong to the pond’s ecosystem!

Address: 1384 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

43. Gallop into the sun


Yup, you can ride and feed horses at Gallop Stables! They currently have two stables, Bukit Timah and Pasir Ris Park. Forget dogs and cats cafés, MAKE HORSE STABLES GREAT AGAIN. Remember I mentioned that you can watch horse racing at the Grandstand? Some are actually retired race horses who are given a second life at the stable. If you’re planning a bbq at Pasir Ris Park, drop by Gallop Stables and pet some horses!

Address: Various locations, you can find them here
Website: Click here!
Price: $15/Horse ride, $2/feed

44. Mini patting zoo ft. alot of chickens


You know how we are so surprised whenever we see chickens pecking around and (literally) crossing the roads? Well, you can now see a flock of chickens and even feed them at The Animal Resort! (No you can’t eat them)

Most places with animals require an admission fee and there’s minimal interaction with the animals (We’re looking at you, Singapore Zoo). However, you get to interact with a variety of animals including ducks, horse, rabbits and their beautiful Cassowary at The Animal Resort without paying for anything (except for the feed)!

Honestly though where did the phrase “Don’t be a chicken” come from? I can assure you that the chickens I’ve met are definitely NOT AFRAID to peck your eyes out.

Address: 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, 798061
Website: Click here!

45. There are parrots at Dempsey Hill?!


When we think of Dempsey Hill, we’ll think of fancy shophouses and fine dining for the atas. But do you know there’s a garden of parrots next to Lotto Carpets Gallery? I know it sounds intriguing, but I assure you it’s a real place at Dempsey Hill. Between 5pm to 7:30pm, visitors are allowed to hold (if they like you) and feed the parrots!

Of course, you wouldn’t travel all the way just for parrots, how about indulging in some Bens & Jerry’s for desserts?

Address: 26 Dempsey Rd, #01-04, 249686

46. Learn farming at your doorstep


Yes, they are literally a travelling farm! Housed in a cargo container, you can spot them from far with their bright orange exterior. Currently, they are rotating within Raffles Place Park, Dhoby Ghaut Green and Bougainvillea Park with their pop ups till December 2020. Apart from selling potted plants and equipments, they have online self-learning courses and craft activities as well. It’s a pretty interesting concept as you don’t have to travel far to learn about urban farming. Instead, they bring the farm closer to you!

Website: Click here!

47. Care for bees instead of ~boo~bies (kampung kampus)


Do you know that bees are an extremely important element of the eco system? They help to pollinate flowering plants which are part of our food supply. Bee AMAZED (heheh) by BEE aMAZEd Garden when you attend their programs on urban beekeeping and taste honey fresh from combs!

Anyway, if you’re afraid of bees, it’s highly unlikely they’ll sting you because bees (some species) will die after they sting, so don’t aggravate them or they’ll literally lose their lives to make you suffer.

You can browse the available programs here!

Address: Kampung Kampus, 91 Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769201
Website: Click here!

48. Glamorous camping without separation anxiety from civilisation


Glamping Society Singapore have been gaining attraction with their huge tents and whimsical decorations. They started out at East Coast Park and have recently expanded their campsite to Punggol Container Park. The tents at Punggol have AIR CONDITIONING and POWER OUTLETS, so you know you’re not going to be sweating in your tent with low battery!

You can check out their packages here!

*Fave is currently offering several promotions for Glamping Society Singapore!

Website: Click here!

49. Dine on a floating deck!


Smith Marine is a floating halal zichar restaurant in the middle of the sea, and no, you don’t need to bring along your passport! All you need to do is make a booking to the restaurant, pay the boatman at Changi Ferry Terminal and take a 1o minute ferry ride! There’s a designated pond where you can catch your fish and get the chef to cook for you on the spot for $35/catch or if you prefer to cook it your way, you can pay $15/catch to bring it home. Browse their menu here!

You can check out the rates here!

Website: Click here!
Price: $100/return trip for 12 pax

50. Playgrounds aren’t just for kids!


One of my memories from childhood is conquering the spiderweb pyramid. Yes, I’m really proud! Just because we’ve grown up doesn’t mean we’re too old for playgrounds, the ones at Pasir Ris Park, West Coast Park and Admiralty Park are all big enough for big kids! I’ve went back recently and it baffles me how I was able to do it when I was younger ‘cos the ropes are so painful to climb on, guess I’m getting older 🙁 See, you don’t have to join the adults at the picnic mat, it is completely valid to take the slides and climb up pyramids!

Address: 153 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore

51. Seek the hidden beaches!

If you’re tired of Pulau Ubin, how about cycling at Coney Island instead? You can grab your necessities and a meal at The Punggol Settlement before you embark on your adventure. Make it your quest to find all the hidden spots, like the abandoned Haw Par Beach Villa, isolated beaches and the natural playground. Remember to stay hydrated!

Address: Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, 829325

52. Prioritise your taste senses


At Nox, you’ll be embarking on a sensory journey, because you will be dining in complete darkness! It’s an enlightening experience considering we do forget to taste our food during meal times as our eyes are often glued to our phones (Don’t deny!). It’s a pretty good first date spot especially for people who are shy or lacking in confidence, you don’t have to worry about getting scrutinised for your dressing or your eating manner.

Protip for the other person: If you feel uncomfortable/unenthusiastic on the date, you can let the guide know and escape in the safety of darkness.

You can browse their menu here!

Address: 269 Beach Rd, Singapore 199546
Website: Click here!



For the INSANELY big eaters, how about challenging yourself to finish a 1kg burger in 20 minutes at Roadhouse? The TERMINATOR Challenge consist of 6 wagyu patties sandwiched between two buns, if you managed to finish it within 20 minutes, your face will go on the Wall of Fame and the burger will be free! And yes, you are allowed to brag about it!

You can check out the other food challenges here!

See, you don’t have to spend your weekends in bed anymore because “there’s nothing to do”. Everytime someone starts whining, pull out this article and say “Yo, I’ve got your back!”. Too overwhelmed by the list? Settle it the old school way, you know, the classic ‘eenie meenie miney mo’. Time to jio your friends/family/bae and have an eventful weekend together!

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