SASHIMI IN A HAWKER?! Here’s 8 Value For Money Premium Japanese Food Ranging From Salmon Sashimi To Iberico Don!

ITADAKIMASUUUU!! Japanese cuisine in general is pretty pricey, especially for premium dishes like sashimi and chirashi don. Even a trip to Sushi Express will cost around $20 (If you’re as fat as me) which is causing my wallet to empty out even faster with my weekly cravings. So, because I feel it’s my duty to seek the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY Japanese places, here are 8 recommendations that is SIBEI OISHIII!

1. Unkai Teppanyaki & Japanese Cuisine (CHEAPEST JAPANESE RANGE IN HAWKER)


Teppanyaki in hawker centres although rare, are not unheard of, but wait what?! Since when hawker centre started selling sashimi too?! Well, since Unkai Teppanyaki & Japanese Cuisine strive to bring premium but affordable dishes to customers. Their Sake Sashimi ($6 for 5 pieces) is sliced generously that’ll make you feel SIBEI SHIOK! Their black pepper sauce for their teppanyaki is a secret recipe created by the owner which really complements their Pepper Ribeye Steak ($7).

Address: 51, Old Airport Road 01-88, 01-89, Singapore
What’s Value For Money? – Teppanyaki Set from $5, Premium Seafood from $5



This is the BEST Salmon Mentaiko I’ve ever tasted. Instead of the common plain Japanese rice, they toss their rice in truffle oil, tobiko and sesame seed which is OH-SO-APPETISING! For the salmon, mentai is spread generously on top and torched evenly while keeping the inner parts raw, like a medium rare…salmon. It literally melts in your mouth and the mentaiko really complements the smooth texture of salmon. The best part is that it only cost $9.90 for this bowl of mentaiko goodness!

Address: Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-06, Singapore
What’s Value For Money? – Salmon Mentaiko ($9.90)

3. MIZ Japanese Restaurant (CHEAPEST CHIRASHI DON)


Don’t MIZ their Kaisen Jyo Chirashi ($13.80) that consist of 5 types of sashimi! In most Japanese restaurants, a bowl with 5 types of (thinly sliced) sashimi will normally cost $25.90 and above, but in MIZ Japanese Restaurant, they do not compromise on the quality despite the price. Do note that they close on Mondays and they have a break between lunch and dinner from 2:30pm to 5:30pm (2pm last order).

Address: 17 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169347
What’s Value For Money? – 
Kaisen Jyo Chirashi ($13.80)



I believe all Sushi lovers have heard of Standing Sushi Bar with their long STANDING reputation and weekday promotions. I particularly like the 8Q Outlet because it’s just next to Singapore Art Museum and there’s that $2 photobooth in SAM at 8Q. Especially with the upcoming SAM Late Night happening in August, you can fill your tummy before exploring the museums and enjoy live bands. They have different promotions for different outlets so make sure to check out their website to make get the best out of it!

Address: 17 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169347
What’s Value For Money? –
 Click here for all their promotions in various outlets!

5. Gochi-So Shokudo (CHEAPEST IBERICO DON)


The first time I worked in Raffles Place, I was 22 and struggling with adult life. But DEAR GOD I was not prepared for how expensive it is to eat around CBD. I was so happy to see Gochi-So Shokudo selling Iberico Pork Don for $10. I mean, Iberico is an expensive black pork meat that is normally priced around $25 and above for a bowl. DIE DIE MUST TRY for those who are seeking comfort food after a day of adult responsibilities.

Address: 1 Raffles Place, B1-30, Singapore 048616
What’s Value For Money? – Iberico Pork Belly Don ($10)



Forget Sushi Express, Sushi Mentai is here with their LARGE range of sushi and mains. Originally from Malaysia, they have graced us with $1.30 sushi plates so ~*poor peasants~* like me can satisfy my sushi cravings at an affordable price. The con is that Sushi Mentai is located *DANGEROUSLY*in Yishun, but what’s a little danger for multi plates of $1.30 sushi that’ll leave you saying SHIOK!!!

Address: #01-23, Junction Nine, Yishun Ave 9
What’s Value For Money? – $1.30/Yellow Plate



It’s literally Japanese Zup Cai Png because you get to choose from a variety of dishes from Hot Dishes  and Cold Dishes. I personally really like their Aburi Salmon Mentai ($5.90), but if you’re looking for a more filling meal, get their all day everyday set meals from $8.90 onwards, inclusive of free flow Hojicha! The next time you head to D’Resort for chalet, drop for lunch before the excruciating wait while you start a fire for bbq!

Address: Market Square@Downtown East, E!Avenue #02-316, Singapore
What’s Value For Money? – Customise your bento from $3.90/dish onwards!

8. Shin Minori


For $41.90++, apart from sushi rolls and udons, you get to have FREE flow of Moriawase! Moriawase means “chef selection of the day”, and normally it consist of 5-7 different types of sashimi. The last few times I was there, I’ll order two plates and then regret it later because I was LITERALLY exploding with sashimi. If you’re not up for a buffet, they have an ala carte menu as well. They currently have a 2018 promotion where you get to eat FREE LUNCH BUFFET on your birthday month!

*Do note they have a break between lunch and dinner, so check their website for more information!

Address: UE Square – 81 Clemenceau Ave, 03-15/16, Singapore 239917, Katong Square – 88 East Coast Road #02 – 08, Singapore 423371
What’s Value For Money? – Click here to claim your free ala-carte lunch buffet on your birthday month!

If you have any good Japanese restaurants that are VALUE FOR MONEY as well, recommend it to us, because SHARING IS CARING!

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