Netizens Enraged Over Extremely Disrespectful Girl Who Physically Abused Elderly Co-Worker

A young girl in Malaysia is under fire for her treatment of an elderly woman in videos that are circulating on social media. In these videos, she can be seen bullying the elderly woman and using a variety of different household goods to inflict harm on her, including a broom and a metal cup. It is reported they both work at a clay pot rice restaurant in Muar, Johor.

According to the China Press, four videos ended up online having been uploaded by a woman named “Wiwi Ho.” In the videos, the girl can be clearly seen hurling abuse and insults towards the elderly woman.

Here is a compilation of the videos that were sourced from Facebook:


麻坡扫把胖妹道歉:我不应该打人麻坡一家砂锅饭店店员虐打老妇店员视频,引起网民纷纷为被欺凌之老妇打抱不平,人肉搜索打人之胖女子。该女子也在当晚二度道歉,首次发帖:各位我真的知错了,我不应该打老人。第二次补充,本人知错了,我也知道不对,我已经后悔所做的事情了,我不该打人。同时发帖的Wiwi HO已经要求打人者公开向aunty道歉赔偿,希望大家不要网络霸凌哦 ,我不想有不好的事情发生。只要她公开道歉了我就会撤掉影片。我分享出来是想她吸取教训尊敬老人家做些成年人不该做的事情,说她脑子有问题我却不觉得,因为他还可以玩fb懂得fb道歉。只是看到视频的网民是否能心平气和,接受打人者的道歉呢?如果视频不被公开,这老妇需默默承受多少的屈辱?

Posted by 正大商报 Zheng Da News on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

From the different clothes that the girl is wearing in each of the videos, it has been pointed out that the bullying is not just a ‘one-time’ thing, and has in fact been going on over a period of time.

Many netizens were unhappy about the way the situations were handled and trended the videos in an attempt to gain exposure to the incident and teach the woman a lesson. The videos were shared by more than 7,000 people in one hour. Some even wanted to physically visit the store to give her a piece of their mind in person!

That same day, Wiwi Ho received a private message on social media regarding the incident mentioning that the girl in the video was an employee had been told off for what she had done and would also get fired, as this was not the first that she had reacted in this manner in anger, and she had been warned before. The person also asked for the videos to be taken down to prevent cyberbullying.

In an attempt to repent in the eyes of the public and get back in the good books of netizens, a new video was posted online, where the girl was seen kneeling down and serving a cup of tea to the elderly woman which she had earlier hit with a broom. A nice touch. The video showed her apologising to the elderly lady and the giving each other a hug, burying the hatchet at last! Nawww.

Posted by 謝姐謝 on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Posted by 謝姐謝 on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Posted by 謝姐謝 on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Posted by 謝姐謝 on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

However, many netizens felt the apology was insincere. This is because when the elderly woman moved in a for a hug, the girl leaned back, making for an awkward embrace.

This just goes to show that you should always show your elders respect, no matter how annoyed or angry you are. Don’t do it because someones watching, but do it because its the right thing to do.

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