Five Ways To Effectively Engage Singapore’s Millennials Through Branded Content

Millennials are spending a huge amount of time on social media channels and there is a rapid growing rate of this particular group of people. Brands have this knowledge but they simply do not know how to properly engage these millennials. Therefore, we are here to share with you what we know about the content that millennials love.

Here are some useful tips that you should keep in mind when planning a social media campaign:

  1. They appreciate entertaining, humorous content.
    Entertaining content is key among millennials for discovering and interacting with brands. This thirst for entertainment is evident across social media as they are now more likely to see social media as an entertainment platform than a place to share personal updates.This creates an opportunity for brands to engage millennials as they search for entertainment, by providing content that they find valuable and are willing to spend time consuming. A strategy one could use is influencer marketing, allowing brands to reach a more segmented audience through interest-based targeting.
  2. They research and learn about products on Social Media.
    Social Media is a favourite for product research among millennials. It is essential to have a well-rounded and optimised social media presence for brands targeting millennials. Then, it creates the opportunity for brands to engage millennials with content that will guide them through the research phase and ultimately providing them with the information that they need. 
  3. They value witty content.
    Millennials tend to appreciate content that is clever and comical. When a piece of content is done with thought and wits, they will usually share it with their peers. Before you start brainstorming for witty content, get into the minds of these millennials. Think of yourself as one of them and ask yourself, “what would I find interesting and relevant” and likewise, “what would I not be interested in or understand?” Millennials usually relate strongly to the current affairs of social media, aka the “hype”, so use it to your advantage.
  4. They find brands through online presence.
    Half of millennials have blocked ads in the past month. This extensive use of ad-blockers is mainly due to frustration, with almost half of them saying that there are too many ads on the internet, and that they’re irritating or irrelevant. However, almost 30 percent of millennials have discovered brands through online ads. By combining strong consumer insight with tactics like careful product placement, brands can ensure they’re engaging this audience in their preferred way. This should lead to bigger success with online ads, especially from a brand discovery point of view.
  5. They abhor lengthy content.
    This is pretty much a no-brainer — Millennials want information that is valuable, worth their time and easy to sift through. If you create a piece of content that is too wordy to consume, they’ll just scroll past and skip it. Serve them information in bite-sized pieces. Keep it short, sweet and simple as much as possible.

Here at Eloell Media, we create daily content that millennials enjoy and relate to. Our content revolves around subjects like nostalgia, seasonal events, food and fashion. If you are interested to work with us to promote your brand through our content, we can help you by executing tactics and strategies to engage Singapore’s millennials. Our platforms reaches out to millions of Singaporean millennials (18-34) with 68% of them being males.

Our products

  1. Branded Video Content (min. 120k views)
  2. Branded Article (min. 50k views)
  3. Branded Meme Content (min. 85k reach)

How we work?

  1. Understanding the client objective
  2. Analyse & Study Clients’ target audience
  3. Propose & Execute suitable content direction & type
  4. Measure & Analyse campaign

Our content team would like to help you come up with creative campaigns that reaches out to millennials. First, let us have your details & we will reach out to you soon!

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