Patriotic S’porean Man Listens To The National Anthem For 6 HOURS STRAIGHT!

As if tapping in and out of every MRT Station isn’t RABAK enough, our boy Dan took it upon him like the PRO-SINGAPOREAN he is and listened to Majulah Singapura on loop for 6 hours like a man.

Since we’ve been mumbling the words to Majulah Singapura half-heartedly since primary school, how about regaining our patriotism as preparation since National Day is nearing?

You may think like,”Aiya, just sit there listen only ma!” Imagine putting yourself in a room for 6 hours straight, your eyes glued to the screen, unable to pee, and having one song on loop.

Is it torture or a challenge? We can’t be sure anymore.

When the timer was up, he sprinted to the toilet and took a REEEEALLY contemplative break while releasing the 6 hours long pee.

He was never the same after that.

Anyway, today we have officially declare Dan a TRUE SINGAPOREAN MAN.

Time Well Spent is a series where the staff of Eloell will do the most ridiculous and pointless things for an extended period of time or amount. We definitely have more episodes coming – so be sure to keep on a look out for that and subscribe to our Youtube channel for more content!

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