Man Tries Kissing Thai Lady And Gets His Bottom Lip Bitten Off Instead

An Indian Tourist visiting Thailand had his bottom lip bitten off after an altercation with a Thai woman outside a Nightclub along Pattaya’s Walking Street.

The incident which happened on Thursday (20/09/18) occurred when the 30-year-old man, Agarwal, allegedly tried groping the 38-year-old woman, Sukanya Paphag and kissing her even though he was repeatedly told to go away. Local media in Thailand reported that the man appeared at a “Tourist Police Assist Zone” just after 4 am, stumbling and covered in blood coming from a huge gash on his face. Following behind him was the woman involved in the incident, openly admitting that she was responsible for giving him the horrific injury.

According to Pattaya News, Sukanya stated that Agarwal who was intoxicated when he approached her and several of her friends at the nightclub “Tony’s Indian Disco” during the early hours of the morning and proceeded to grope and grab them without their consent. She asked him several times to leave them alone, but he refused. He then grabbed her arm and tried to forcefully kiss her. Being afraid for her safety, she then took matters into her own hands and bit his lower lip in self-defence.

Mr Agarwal, on the other hand, gave a different story, stating that he had just been minding his own business and did nothing wrong when the Thai woman attacked him out of the blue and bit his lip off.

In a video posted by the Thai-based Siamchon News, Sukanya can be seen mounting Agarwal on the sidewalk. Bystanders can be seen trying to separate them before things get too out of hand.

When rescue workers showed up they were greeted by Agarwal laying in his own blood with chunks of flesh missing from his mouth. They performed basic First aid before rushing him off to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Authorities plan to interrogate both parties before issuing charges.

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