This Lucky Thai Man Has TWO Gorgeous Wives With Incredible Figures

Manop Nuttayothin, a 42-year-old man from Bangkok, might just be the luckiest man alive!

The Trio and their odd story went viral when the second wife, Warissara Poksrichan, posted photos of them on Valentine’s Day. She captioned the photos saying, “People are bragging about their husbands on Facebook. Well, my husband happens to have two wives!”. “It’s been years and I’ve never changed my mind with you. The only thing that has changed is the size of our boobs, 600cc and 450cc. You love them,” Warissara continued, joking about her and the other wife’s breast augmentation.

Nuttayothin mentioned that he originally had three wives, however, his first wife passed on after they had three children together. He then continued living with his second wife and eventually added his third wife, Nattaya Tongpan, to the family. The family has nine children in total – each wife mothering three.

Both wives assists Nuttayothin with his business – selling car parts to major racing events in Thailand. Although he refuses to disclose the amount, it is known that he provides his wives with salaries. We also know that he prioritises his children before either wives.

When asked what his secret to a happy marriage is, he states, “whenever there is a problem, I talk to them on the same day” – shutting down any conflict that may arise, immediately. He admits that he occasionally overlooks things and might accidentally treat one wife better than the other but he ensures that he treats them both equally as soon as he realises there is a problem.   

The two wives never fight and are committed to building a home together. They believe that their husband is a fair, attentive and hardworking man.

“It’s all about understanding. We love each other. We care about each other. Because of that, we’re happy. I really believe so,” Warissara said.

Would you ever be able to partake in a polyamorous relationship? Let us know in the comments down below!

Images Sourced from: Warissara Poksrichan / Facebook

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