Are Singaporeans Really Offended By PinkDot SG Or Are We Just Obnoxious?

Just last Saturday, Pink Dot SG celebrated their 10th anniversary at Hong Lim Park to commemorate the LGBTQ community. However, Singaporeans have many opinions on it. I would like to say I’m surprised at the reactions and hateful comments, but honestly, it just make me roll my (queer) eyes at how obnoxious people can be.

What is PinkDot and what do they stand for?

LKY’s grandson, Li Huanwu (Right) and his boyfriend, Yirui (Left) – Source

The common perception that Singaporeans have of Pink Dot is a bunch of deviants having a mass orgy while chanting “I’M GAAAAAAY!!”

However, Pink Dot SG is actually a non-profitable movement to raise awareness on the LGBT community. It provides a platform for the community to express themselves and promote inclusiveness within society.  So no, no mass orgy. Through Pink Dot movement, it helps to raise awareness on the types of discrimination they face, be it within society or at home.

Sadly, there are really misinformed people out there.

We have guys going “oh, I FEEL uncomfortable because later they like me how?!!?!” Or guys that are anti-gays but support lesbians because “gay sex is gross but two girls making out is so hot.”

And then there’s people like “oh WHAT WILL WE DO our birthrate is going down BECAUSE OF LGBTQ. Did I miss a memo? You mean just because we advocate gay rights, through some LGBTQ magic everyone turns gay and thus cease procreation?

When Gahmen want to increase population to 6 billion, you also kaopei say  “SG already overpopulated, mrt so crowded liao, not enough jobs leh!”

Let me know when you make up your mind.

There’s still the misconception that LGBT is a “choice”, well then, what is there to “benefit” by identifying as LGBTQ? Discrimination from people all around, chased out by parents, become targets of hate crime?

So obviously the LGBTQ community CHOSE to be shunned away by society right? Sorry, but reading through the comments, yes, as of now, there is a need to create safe spaces from the amount of hate and shaming.

There are uneducated comments that compares the LGBT community to pedophilia, because touching little children is EXACTLY LIKE a sexual orientation, right?

Oh no! LGBTQs are infiltrating earth! They are just like plastic, durable, lasting and comes in different colors. But whether you like it or not, they are here to stay. “World ending” arguments are so overrated since they’ve been used for years especially when religion is involved.

Let it be soon because I crave the sweet release of death after reading this comment section.

It is not an “unconstructive campaign” nor is it illegal except 337A penal code, but come on la, you gonna go look into every window and see which guy putting his dick into which guy’s asshole?

If the LGBTQ community should just keep to themselves, then you should keep your opinions private too, because why should we be subjected to your nonsense?

It’s because of comments like this that Pink Dot SG becomes necessary for an inclusive society. They are NOT FORCING their views on you or “asking” you to join them, but rather, for you to accept their identification, just like how we identify ourselves based on race, religion etc.

Before you decide to type about how wrong LGBTQ is and how personally attacked you feel because “How DARE they”, ask yourself, why you huanlo? I’m sorry, did they hurt your special little feelings that you HAVE to demonise them and express your disgust?

So far, I haven’t read any comments that made me think “well, they have a point” because the arguments are either implicated with religion, personal feelings or are just plain rubbish. Of course, feel free to let me know I’m going to hell for supporting, but if heaven is filled with people like those above, I’ll gladly “burn in hell” with Adam, John, Eve and Mary.

All screenshots are found in the comments section of Strait’s Times in this article.

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