SgInstaBabes Patreon Saga: Here’s What You Need To Know


I’m Xiao Girl MiMi! I haven’t finish puberty and my breasts aren’t even fully developed!! Btw it’s an A- going to a strong A <3

For $3 a month, you can buy us fish when we order cai png! (Donor)

For $7.50 a month, you get to fap to photos of our underdeveloped boobs! (Fan)

For $22.50 a month, we’ll do personal vlogs about our daily lives even though you’ll only give a shit about my Double As! (Avid Fan)

For $75 a month, you can join our photoshoots once a month and take photos of me for your private collection! (Friend)

For $225 a month, I’ll be your bff4lyf and you can watch me take photos in my bikini anytime<3 (Bestfriend)

For $750 a month, we can hangout and pretend to like you for a day! (Baller)

For $5,000 a month, we’ll call you Daddy while we PARTEH together on the YATCH! Woohoo! (Ultimate Sugar Daddy)


You’ve probably saw Deekosh and Xiaxue‘s instastory regarding SgInstaBabes’ latest saga. So basically, SgInstaBabes (which is owned by Lai Wee Kiat), started a Patreon page where they are sourcing money to “create better content”, and to return the favour, they will be providing “additional perks” depending on which subscription tier you are paying for.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Lai Wee Kiat:

First of all, I would like to say that I’m NOT SHAMING any of the girls. It’s fine to have dreams; To crave for popularity and become a famous influencer. However, what’s NOT FINE is joining a particular company that’s known for it’s sexual branding. And now, a Patreon page by SgInstaBabes using young girls as a bait to bring in revenue?! Does it not raise alarm bells in your head already?!


Is this the only way to achieve fame? Known for having big tits and walking around in a bikini all day as a sixteen year old? Is this the type of influencer you aspire to be?

Posting your own bikini pics on your OWN social media versus posting it on a platform that is infamously branded as sexual content is COMPLETELY different. YOU get to decide the image you YOU want to portray on your OWN social media whereas if you were to join a “brand” like that, you will never be FREE from the connotations even after you’ve left.


I’M SORRY?!?!?!

Isn’t it ironic that you post up photos of girls dressed scantily while asking for money on Patreon yet you’re expecting your audience not to think of your page in that way??? You definitely know your target audiences, why are you even pretending they are the ones with their “minds in the gutter” when you are the one suggesting sexual themes in your posts?

“There will be no sex. If there is, that’s your luck and nothing to do with us.”

Yea man, you’re lucky our girls want to have sex with you okay since we are MOST definitely NOT selling sex! You’re paying for our girls to wear bikinis for some teh peng and prata, there’s definitely no sexual intentions!! We’re not selling sex, nope!

If you say it as it is, you should also assume responsibility if shit goes south. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to protect the girls! You said it yourself, you are “selling content, social events and fun” and not a brothel, correct?

How old are the girls involved in this Patreon?
“For shoots, 16 and above. For parties, 18 and above.”


Remember for $75/$225 a month, subscribers are invited to the shoots as either photographers or spectators. Half the time it’s bikini themed and the other half it’s something else. Do you think your audience will choose “something else” over bikini themed photoshoots? Do you sincerely believe that your fans are not cheekopehs who wants to see teenage girls clad in bright colored bikinis?

If you’re a grown man and mari-kita by looking at a barely legal teen, you deserved to be SHAMED along with pedophiles. Yes, we all appreciate people who look good, but if you are exploiting girls who are barely legal for how they look, YOU are the problem.



Siala A+ marketing!!! Lai Wee Kiat allegedly asked the girls in SgInstaBabes to sign up as a Patreon with their own credit card to make it seem like there are genuine interest in their package. Subscribe to your own content so other idiots will hope on the bandwagon and contribute to this “innocent” Patreon page!

In this series of screenshots, Lai Wee Kiat tells a 15-YEAR OLD girl how hot she is and that he loves her innocence because it’s so sweet (or rather, so exploitable!).


In Deekosh’s instastory, Lai Wee Kiat is seen trying to convince a girl to participate in the photoshoots, despite her constant refusal. Bruh, one thing you need to know is that NO MEANS NO. You insurance agent is it?!?


Do you see the issue? This bugger is trying to convince girls to join SgInstababes and attempting to get into a 15 year old’s pants (NOT THE FIRST TIME BTW). Do you really think his intentions are all pure and innocent with SgInstaBabes and the Patreon page? This is why we should expose them before any “perks” can be enjoyed to protect the ladies from further delusions that they can be famous when in reality, they will probably get into more serious issues with potential 40 plus year old subscribers (cheekopehs).

Anyway, both @sginstababes and @fabodylous have currently deactivated their Instagram accounts (not the first time when shit happened) so if you want more juicy screenshots and opinions, you can view @xiaxue and @deekosh instastories/highlights! By the way you can find out how small Lai Wee Kiat’s kukujiao is on Xiaxue’s instastory LMAO

If you have any insider news/funny encounters with Lai Wee Kiat, drop us an email at! We promise to keep it anonymous to protect your identity.

Btw when is it my turn ah I also wanna be INFLUENCER LEH pls notice me<3

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