Study: Short Men Tend To Be Better Sex Partners Than Taller Men

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It’s not often that you find a girl saying “I really wish I could date a short guy” or “One of the qualities that I look for in a man is his height. He needs to be short.” It is commonly perceived that shorter guys have been dealt the short end of the stick (pun intended) especially in terms of picking up women and their sex life.

However, this could be just a misconception, as recent studies have shown that men that are vertically challenged may have more sex than that of those who tower above them.

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A study by “The Journal Of Sexual Medicine” which was conducted on 531 heterosexual men aged 20–54 years of age has stated that “Coital frequency was higher among men with a height of less than 175 cm”, contrary to popular belief.

Basically, men shorter than 175 cm are reportedly having the most sex, contrary to popular belief. This gives new hope to our short and often down to earth friends. (Pun intended again). Once puberty doesn’t deliver on its promises of a growth in height and flawless skin, there isn’t much anyone can do about it, but now science has come through to save the day.

Other redeeming factors include the fact that short people are largely believed to have a better time in the sack because their height allows them to get into certain positions much easier than a taller man, and nobody needs to break their backs to reach each other in the process.

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So at the end of the day lets not overlook our wee friends any more than we need to. (Get it? Overlook, because they’re short…) It’s not their fault woman have similar prejudices to a theme park. So much for being tall, dark and handsome, there’s a new kid on the block.



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